Ilya V. Utekhin

Dean of the  Ethnology Department

Academic Interests
  • cognitive science
  • semiotic anthropology
  • studies of Soviet and post-Soviet culture of everyday life
  • ethnography of communication
  • visual anthropology
Recently Taught Courses
  • Introduction to Semiotics
  • Semiotics of Behavior
  • Analysis of Communicative Interaction
  • Semiotics of Cognitive Processes
  • Main Topics of Contemporary Linguistics
Recent Employment
  • 2005 - present Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Cognitive Studies at St. Petersburg State University
  • 2002 - present Head of the Department of Ethnology, European University at St. Petersburg
  • 1996 - present Associate Professor at the Department of Ethnology, European University at St. Petersburg
  • 1995 - present Visiting Lecturer at the Department of General Linguistics, St. Petersburg State University
  • also taught at: University of Helsinki (Dept. of Musicology), Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (Ljubljana, Slovenia), University Paris IV-la Sorbonne, University of St. Quentin-en-Yveline (France), American University at Prague, Center for Independent Sociological Research (St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • 2001 PhD in Ethnology (kandidat istoricheskih nauk) from Institute of Anthropology and Ethnology, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow); dissertation "Everyday life of big communal apartments in Leningrad (St.Petersburg) in 1970-90s: Stereotypes of everyday behavior"
  • 1992-95 Post-graduate studies at Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology (Kunstkammer), Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 1992 MA from St. Petersburg State University, Department of General Linguistics
Awards and Fellowhips
  • 2005-06 Centre for International Mobility (CIMO, Finland); research project in cognitive science, "Semiotics of visual thinking together"
  • 2005 (January-February) Kone Fellow in Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
  • 2001 American Council of Learned Societies; Poetics of Complaint
  • 1997 OSI Research Support Scheme; Living Together: Communal Apartments in St.Petersburg Viewed by Anthropologist
  • 1991-92 Research Institute on Social Change (Nyon, Switzerland); research project Semiotics of Consumer Goods
Coordinated Projects
  • Seminar on Anthropological Fieldwork (OSI HESP, 1998)
  • Virtual Museum of Communal Apartment (OSI Russia Program of Electronic Publications, 2000; see the outcome of the project at http://www.kommunalka.spb.ru)
  • Academic Exchange Program between EUSP and ISH (Ljubljana) (HESP Mobility Scheme, 2000-2001)
Other Professional Affiliation
  • Member of Editorial Board of "HOME CULTURES" (Berg Publishers)
  • Fellow, International Communicology Institute (2005)
Selected publications by Ilya Utekhin  MS Word


European University at St. Petersburg
3 Gagarinskaya Str., St.Petersburg
Russia 191 187
tel.: +7 (812) 275 52 56 (office)
fax: +7 (812) 275 51 39
e-mail: utekhin(AT)eu.spb.ru


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