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Rector and the Rector's Office

The EUSP Rector (President) is elected for a three-year term by the Academic Council; the ballot is to be approved by the Board of Trustees. The Rector represents the University; is in command of the University's finances; directs the educational, scholarly, economic, and financial aspects of the University's activity; employs and dismisses staff members; administers the EUSP through the Deputy Rectors, Deans of Departments, and directors of units.

The Deputy Rectors, Deans, and Directors of units make up the 'Rectorate' - a consultative committee to aid the Rector with decision-making.

The Registrar's Office of the Rectorate is responsible for students' admission, practical co-ordination of work performed by all departments and interdepartmental centers, as well as by the administrative offices, in terms of fulfilling the requirements of the curriculum, opening and keeping a file on each staff member and student. It acts as a mediator whenever the faculty or the students face any problems.

In June 2003 N.B. Vakhtin was elected rector of the European University at St. Petersburg. 

Rector`s Office

Vladimir Ya.Khotiakov - Deputy Rector (579-0684)e-mail

Oleg V. Kharkhordin  - Deputy Rector  (275-5133) e-mail

Leonid V. Ravnushkin - Deputy Rector (579-0801) e-mail

Svetlana N. Lavrova - Financial director (579-4412)e-mail

Natalia I.Gaidukova - Accountant in Charge (275-5253)

Īleg N.Ken - Academic Secretary (579-0801)e-mail

Leonid V.Ravnushkin - Administrator (579-0801)e-mail

Natalia A.Ivanova - Personnel Department (275-5137)e-mail

Milena Yu. Kondratieva - Director of the Publishing House(579-0833)e-mail



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