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Welcome to the European University at St. Petersburg!


You can also download
10 year anniversary Movie about EUSP [*.avi, 115 Mb]


Five important points
about the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP)

  • The EUSP has greater independence from the Russian governmental bureaucracy than most other Russian universities. This independence is important for both intellectual and political reasons. Universities in Russia have traditionally been under the control of the government. On many occasions this control has extended to questions of the content of instruction and research, political ideology, and administration.
  • At the EUSP a higher proportion of faculty have degrees from prominent Western universities than at any other university in Russia. The university employs Russians with PhDs from such recognized schools as the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Cambridge University (UK); Helsinki University (Finland), etc.
  • The EUSP has a commitment to the integration of Russian scholarship with scholarship in Europe and America. Against the background of Russian scholarship’s continuing isolation from the West, this is a fundamentally important position.
  • The EUSP encourages mobility but combats the brain drain. Rather than promoting the departure of graduate students to the West, EUSP invites Western students to come and study in Russia. The International MA in Russian Studies is the ONLY permanent program at the graduate level in Russia that offers degrees in sociology, political science and cultural studies to students from the United States, Canada and Europe (12 to 26 students annually). Both international and Russian students enjoy the advantages of studying in a truly international setting.
  • The EUSP is a decisive agent of innovation and change, introducing and disseminating new standards and practices in the Russian educational system.


Founding members of the University:

  • Committee for municipal Real Estate Management of St.Petersburg mayor administration;
  • St.Petersburg Institute for Economics and Mathematics;
  • St.Petersburg branch of Sociology Institute (Russian Academy of Science);
  • St. Petersburg Association of Scientists and Scholars.

The aim of the University activity is to satisfy societal needs in raising and expanding professional qualification of specialists and in developing of their creative and scholarly potential on the basis of achievements of Russian and international experience and cooperation.

Tasks of the University:

  • raising qualification of specialists engaged in education, science, culture, state and municipal management, as well as in other spheres of societal life in connection with the raise of requirements to the level of qualification and the necessity to master modern methods of professional activity;
  • professional re-training aiming at expanding qualification in order to adapt specialists to new societal conditions and conducting of new types of professional activities in regards to international requirements and standards;
  • preparation of scholarly and scholarly-pedagogical cadres in accordance with contemporary requirements and state educational standards of post-graduate professional education;
  • organization and conduction of fundamental and applied scholarly research, scholarly conferences and seminars, publication of results of the scholarly activity;
  • fulfilling requirements of specialists, scholarly-education organizations and institutions for getting access to knowledge of the most recent achievements in corresponding areas of scholarship; development of flexible forms of education and conducting of training activity, including that for international specialists; development and publication of educational and methodological materials;
  • consulting activity; scholarly expertise of programs, projects, recommendations and other documents and materials in accordance to University specialization; promotion of international exchange in the sphere of education and science, raising of the role of St.Petersburg as a center of education, scholarship and culture.

Our address:

Institute of Further Professional Education
"European University at St.Petersburg".
3 Gagarinskaya St.,
St. Petersburg 191187
Tel.: +7 (812) 275 5137,
Fax: +7 (812) 275 5139

Our web-site is open to you 24 hours a day. Comments, Questions About this Site can be directed to
For additional information contact the rector's office  or the registrar's office.


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