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Scholarly-educational academic program of raising qualification and retraining of specialists in the sphere of social and humanistic knowledge is implemented by the European University at St.Petersburg (current license A 101619 granted February 17, 2003, for the right to conduct educational activity in the sphere of postgraduate professional education; certificate of state accreditation 25-1969 granted July 16, 2004).

Admission is open for the following departments:

  • History;
  • History of Arts;
  • Political science and sociology;
  • Economics;
  • Ethnology.

Academic program consists of two levels of preparation:

1. Program of raising qualification and retraining of specialists of MA level (educational component of the academic program); upon completion of the program students are awarded an MA degree and receive an MA diploma of the European University at St.Petersburg, as well as a state standard diploma on professional retraining. Duration of program is 1 to 2 years depending on the department chosen.
2. Program of raising qualification and re-training of specialists of PhD level (educational and research components of the academic program); the aim of the program is preparation of a PhD work in submission for doctoral degree. Duration of program is 1 to 2.5 years depending on the department chosen, after the completion of the MA level program.

The first level (educational component) may be an independent program and does not require the obligatory continuation of studies in the form of PhD research. Post-doctoral students may be accepted straight to the program of the second level in case they already have an MA diploma and unless this does not contradict department admission rules.


The present Admission rules for the academic program are stipulated by EUSP Statute and the Regulation of education process. The rules were adopted by the Scholarly Council on February 1, 2005 and are in effect during 2005-2006 academic year.

Peculiar features and specificity of the academic program implementation on each of the five departments are outlined by additional regulations in the corresponding sections of the present document.


Admission of students for the academic program is performed by the Admission Committee of the European University at St. Petersburg, acting on the basis of the Regulation on Admission Committee and in accordance with the present Rules.
The basic form of education in the academic program is full-time tuition. In some departments other forms of education, such as full-time tuition together with tuition by correspondence, or tuition by correspondence are possible upon individual agreement). Enrollment of students is performed on competitive basis, according to the results of entrance examinations.

Admission of documents for the competition starts July 1 and ends August 15, 2005. Documents may be submitted either personally, or by post. Documents may be sent by post to the Admission Committee from with June 1 till August 1 according to the post stamp.

To participate in the competition applicants must have higher professional education. Admission to EUSP does not depend on the applicant's citizenship, gender, ethnic background, religion etc.

In the way of exception, and based on a special request of the department, EUSP Academic Council may allow simultaneous enrollment and studying in a postgraduate program of a different educational or a scholarly-research institution. Conditions of such parallel education are determined separately in each particular case on the basis of agreement between EUSP and the second educational or a scholarly-research institution.

To be considered for admission applicants should submit the following documents to the Admission Committee:

1. Application to the Admission Committee (admission forms may be taken in the Admission Committee or downloaded from the EUSP web-site).
2. Copy of identification document.
3. Short autobiography (resume)
4. A copy of diploma of higher education (with a supplement listing the subjects taken and grades received).
5. Four photographs (3 by 4 cm. size).
6. Medical certificate.
7. Declaration of scholarly intentions or necessity of professional retraining and raising qualification.
8. List of scholarly papers published (if any).
9. Letters of recommendation from the University chair, department chair, or academic supervisor (if available).
10. On the necessity to submit a written paper in the field of specialization see department rules of admission.

Applicants with diplomas of higher education received in Universities beyond CIS borders should submit a degree certificate equivalent to the Russian high education, i.e. at least a BA degree in sciences / art. Notary confirmation and translation of the diploma into Russian are not required.


To administer entrance exams, special examinations committees are formed at the departments.
Entrance examinations consist of three stages:

1. Studying of submitted documents by the Admission Committee
2. Interview
3. Entrance examination and/or written work (see department rules of admission).

Interview and entrance examination are conducted in Russian (unless department rules for organization of entrance examination contain different possibilities). For applicants living outside St.Petersburg and by  special decisions of the examination committee, the interview may be substituted by examination of documents submitted by the applicant, or conducted by phone.

Interview is conducted with the following aims:

  • getting more accurate information on the data contained in the applicants documents;
  • discussion among the members of Committee and the applicant of the submitted declaration of scholarly intentions or necessity of professional retraining and raising qualification;
  • clarifying the level of the applicants overall educational preparation and his/her motivation for enrollment to EUSP.

Applicants are responsible for providing accurate personal data. In case this condition is violated, applicants automatically lose the right to get enrolled starting from the moment the violation is discovered.

Examination committee assesses the applicants interview (grades ranging from one to ten), and on the basis of this assessment decides on admittance of the applicant to the examination.

The total grade received by the applicant at the entrance examination and at the interview determines his/her position in the general rating.

The procedure and the form of entrance examination are established separately at each department and are approved by the EUSP Academic Council.

Department examination committees report the results of the entrance examinations to the Admissions Committee, together with recommendations in regards to the applicant's admission.


Admission is determined primarily by the results of entrance examinations. If the latter do not allow giving preference to a particular applicant, their achievements in other fields of knowledge, as well as experience in research work or teaching and recommendations given by prominent scholars or employers are taken into consideration.

Enrollment of students is announced by the rectors order not later than September 12, 2005.

Applicants who disagree with the decision of the Admission Committee have the right of appeal only if they consider that the Admission committee violated the rules of procedure determined by the present document.

A written appeal is addressed to the EUSP rector not later than three days upon the publication of the rectors order on admission, and is reviewed within a week's time.

To review the appeal, the rector creates a commission consisting of members of the Rectors Office and the Department. Appeals are examined by the commission in the presence of the appealer. The commissions decision on the appeal is confirmed by  the Rector and is final.


Studying at the EUSP is tuition-based.

Tuition cost for the academic program of 2005-20008 is established by the EUSP Scholarly Council and amount to:

  • $ 1400 per academic year (payable in rubles) for the citizens of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.
  • $ 3500 to $ 7000 per academic year, depending on the department (payable in rubles) for other foreign citizens.

Tuition payment may be effected in installments in the course of the academic year. Students method of payment does not influence their academic rights and responsibilities.

Students unable to meet the costs of tuition, whether fully or partially, may address the Stipend commission for different kinds of financial support (stipends etc.). Decision on stipend award and its amount are taken by the commission on the individual basis and by the personal application of a student. The stipend is paid for not more than 10 months starting with the date of the students enrollment.

EUSP does not provide housing accommodations to the students. In cases of extreme necessity students from other parts of Russia and CIS may be rendered individual help to get accommodated in St.Petersburg.

Within one week upon the beginning of the academic year all students from other cities and foreign students should go through the process of registration in St.Petersburg in accordance with the current laws.

Medical insurance effective on the territory of the Russian Federation is mandate for all EUSP students.

Upon admission, all students sign individual contracts with the EUSP administration. Contracts determine mutual responsibilities of the student and the University. Financial conditions of the individual contract are confidential and may not be disclosed to any third parties, except in cases stipulated by the Laws of the Russian Federation.

Futher information from the Registrar`s Office: e-mail   Phone: 579-06-84.


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