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The program "Promoting Social Studies of Education in Russia"

From August 1999, the EUSP has been running a program, "Promoting Social Studies of Education in Russia", the main purpose of which is to establish a network of specialists working in the fields of history, sociology, ethnology, and economics of education.

The aims of the program include

  • financial support of young scientists in the fields mentioned above, advanced education of young scientists, and promotion of new trends in research
  • support of scholarly associations, formation of a scientific community in the field of social studies of education
  • development of international exchange and links in the field of social studies of education.

An annual All-Russian open competition of research projects is held - in the framework of the program - in history, sociology, ethnology, and economics of education.

Winners of the All-Russian open competition are awarded grants of two types: (1) scholarships to write the thesis (the grants are intended for full-time or part-time, postgraduates about to complete their dissertations) and (2) individual grants to support post-dissertation research after the defense of the thesis (the grants are intended for young scholars who have just got their academic degrees). The competition committee also selects candidates for seminars at the summer school - for discussing problems of education.

The range of themes in the applications is extremely wide, covering various aspects of history, sociology, and economics of education. A great number of applications deal with urgent problems of improving education in today's Russia.

In May 2000, the Advisory Board of the Program consisting of experts from research and education institutions in a number of towns and cities in Russia, summed up their consideration of claims of 242 applications submitted for the first competition, scholarships were awarded to 14 (7 dissertation projects and 7 post-dissertation research projects). Geographically, they went to young scholars in Kazan, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Samara, St Petersburg, Saransk, Tomsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

In September 2000, terms for a new competition were published (the newspaper "Poisk" No 37 (531) September 2000). Applications may be submitted until 15 January 2001. Within the framework of the new competition, 20 scholarships shall be granted (10 dissertation projects and 10 post-dissertation research projects) and candidates selected to study in seminars at the summer school.

Moreover, the program includes the organization of scientific conferences on educational problems. The first conference was held in July 1999, with the motto "The State of Higher Education in Russia: What do we know about it? How can we assess it? The second conference, "Social Studies of Education-2000" was held in June 2000.

Financial support of the Program comes from the Spencer Foundation in Chicago, USA.

Director - Daniil Alexandrov e-mail


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