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Educational programs

  • Ethnic Studies Program and Ethnic Tolerance Training.
    This new educational projects aim at studying the problem of ethnic minorities, a most crucial one for today's Russia. In the autumn 1993, two pilot projects were worked out by the EUSP Department of Ethnology, on the initiative and with financial support of the International Higher Education Support Program / Open Society Institute (HESP). The projects were to cover the problems of ethnic tolerance and the prevention of extremism.
  • The project "Unfinished Lessons" Russia and the Caucasus in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • Archives Training Centre .
    The Archives Training Centre (ATC) was set up to provide advanced learning for specialists working in archives or manuscript departments of libraries, museums, and various academic institutions. The purpose of training and updating professional archivists is to make them well versed in up-to-date archive-keping methodology and relevant disciplines.
  • IMARS is a graduate program for students who already hold a B.A. degree or its equivalent and wish to continue their study of Russia or other successor states of the Soviet Union. Those reading for an M.A. in Russian Studies at the EUSP are expected to achieve a solid interdisciplinary understanding of the region and to become first-class specialists in their field.
  • The Open Graduate Courses Interdisciplinary courses for posrgraduates, younger scientists and senior students from higher education institutions in St Petersburg.

Collaborational programs

Research programs


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