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Oral History Center


In March, 2006 the book "Memory about the Siege. The Eyewitnesses' Evidences and the Historical Consciousness of the Society" (in Russian) which was prepared by the researchers of the Oral History Center at the European University at St. Petersburg was published.

Oral History Center was founded in 2001 under support of the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) and European University at St. Petersburg in close cooperation with the Center for Oral History (History and Memory Center) at the Indiana University, USA.

The Center is an interdisciplinary initiative that aims at developing of research and education in the sphere of oral data analysis. The main goal of the Center is to provide and support the academic resources for use of oral evidences.

Since the time of the proclamation of the first Oral History project the field has passed the long way from the narrow affiliation with librarian and archival activity to the broader sense of the practice for extracting the new information from the oral memoirs. The recent trends in international scholarship reveal the interdisciplinary nature of the Oral History practice. The diversity of the interpretations of the past, the politics of memory, the construction of local identities based on the past experience, the representations of local and national histories - all these subjects are in the close focus of specialists in various fields of Social Sciences: Anthropology, History, Folkloristics, Sociology.

It is obvious that the academics in different fields give deferent questions to people, expect to obtain different information from the oral sources, use different techniques of interview, transcription, conservation and finally - interpretation of the obtained material. Nevertheless it is the only mission of Oral History field to provide the opportunity for interaction between various literary discourses about oral recollections.

The Oral History Center is an instrumental tool to absorb the novel approaches to oral interviews developed within different academic fields and to spread them among the broad audience.

Fields of Activity:

  • Recording and transcribing the interviews
  • Information support
  • Educational activity
  • Research projects
  • Archival activity

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