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Gender Studies Program presents the collected articles “Gender Structure: the Social Institutions and Practices”. The authors of the book are the students and graduates of the Gender Studies Program at the Political Sciences and Sociology department. Both theoretical articles describing and rethinking critically the main points of the Western feminist and gender studies and the possibility of their application to the Russian context and empirical research, held by the students in the frame of the program, place in the book. To purchase the book, please contact:
  Department of Political Science and Sociology present a new book:
Vladimir Gel'man, Grigorii Golosov, Elena Meleshkina (eds.). The 1999-2000 National Elections in Russia: Analyses, Documents and Data. Berlin: Ådition sigma, 2005. 229 p. (Series "Founding Elections in Eastern Europe", vol. 12; series editors Hans-Dieter Klingemann and Charles Lewis Taylor). For this volume, a group of Russian political scientists and sociologists has carefully documented and analyzed the election to the Duma of 1999 and the Russian presidential election of 2000. This work builds upon an earlier project of 1990s. That research was published as Vladimir Gel'man and Grigorii V.Golosov (eds.), Elections in Russia, 1993-1996: Analyses, Documents and Data (Berlin: edition sigma, 1999). The new volume devotes greater attention to detailed analyses of electoral and coalition strategies and to the effects of the electoral system on the results of the elections. It also includes a thorough analysis of the regional distribution of electoral support for Russian political parties. A major theme that surfaces throughout the volume is the question of Russia's future as a democratic state. Social scientists in the former communist countries have developed and adapted sophisticated disciplinary techniques to examine the post-communist experience. These include statistical analysis of electoral results and public opinion survey data. The data used in the analyses for this book are described and documented in an appendix.
  Department of Ethnology presents a new book:
Border and people. Memories of Soviet migrants of North Ladoga region and Karelian isthmus. St.Petersburg, European University at St.Petersburg publishers, 2005. 480 p. (“Studia Ethnologica” series). History of international relations always has a flip side: along with the history of states, negotiations on the top level determine the life course of individual people whose “voice” is rarely heard. Borderlines diligently mapped by politicians divide not only territories, but the life time of those who live on them. Alteration of borderlines between USSR and Finland after WWII resulted in the complete change of population in North Ladoga region and Karelian isthmus: Finnish population left their homeland, giving space to Soviet migrants. What this migration to Karelia meant for its new inhabitants? What place does their new motherland occupy in their life? How did their new life developed on the new territory? One can not find answers to these questions in official reports. Authors of the collection of articles “Border and people” invite you to participate in the joint search of answers by listening to migrants’ memoirs.
To purchase the book, please contact:
  Department of History presents a new book:
New political history: Collection of scholarly articles. St.Petersburg, European University at St.Petersburg publishers, Aleteia, 2004. 305 p. (Source. Historian. History; Issue 4). The fourth issue of series “Source. Historian. History” focuses on “new political history.” Authors of this collection, scholars from Russia, Germany and USA, are connected by the desire to search for new approaches to the study of power phenomenon in history. Self-representation of the XV c. Burgundy political elite, court censure under Nicolas I, state religious politics in Russia and the USSR, methods of Soviet propaganda in 1920ies, Stalin cult in German Democratic Republic – these are some of the themes discussed in this collection. Materials of the round table focusing on patron-client relationships in Russian history – topic which is innovative for Russian scholarship – are also presented to the readers. The book addresses scholars, professors, graduate students, as well as all those who are interested in Russian history.
To purchase the book contact:
  Department of Ethnology presents a new book:
N.B. Vakhtin, E.V. Golovko. Sociolinguistics and sociology of language: Study book. St.Petersburg, European University at St.Petersburg publishers; Academy for Humanities, 2004. The book is based on the course of sociolinguistics read by the authors at the Department of Ethnology, European University at St.Petersburg since 1996. The authors discuss the major themes and issues composing standard courses of sociolinguistics taught in the universities of USA, Great Britain and other countries, give the necessary set of terms, notions, definitions, statistical data and bibliographical references.
About the purchase of the book contact:
  Department of History presents a new book:
M.M. Krom. Historical Anthropology. 2d ed., corrected and augmented. St.Petersburg, Dmitriy Bulanin publishers, 2004. 168 p.
This is the first book in Russian historiography that contains critical overview of historical anthropology and other areas closely affiliated to it: micro-history, "new cultural history," history of every day life etc. The author discussed forms and stages of development of anthropologically oriented history in different countries of Europe and the USA, paying particular attention to the formation of historical anthropology in Russia. Expanded bibliography is included. The book is addresses first of all to students, graduate students and university teachers of history, but may be used by representatives of other fields in humanities - ethnologists, sociologists, specialists in cultural studies, and others.
  Department of History presents a new book: Family, Home, and Ties of Kinship / Ed. T. Sokoll, O. Kosheleva, J. Schlumbohm; ed. in chief - O. Kosheleva; Trans. from English and German - K.A. Levinson, transl. from French L.A. Pimenova. St.Petersburg: European University at St.Petersburg; Aleteia publ.,2004. 285 p. ("Contemporary Directions in Historical Scholarship: translation series"; Vol. 2).
The collection of translation was published within the frames of the project for international summer schools conducted by the European University at St.Petersburg together with Max Plank Institute of the History of Society (Göttingen, Germany), with support of Volkswagen Foundation in 2001-2003. The collection introduces the reader to the newest research on the history of family, kinship and household. the book includes articles that, apart from specific case studies include new methodological approaches on the themes. The articles in this collection reflect the results of research in the following areas: emotional and sexual aspects of family life, strategies of household survival (including strategies of inheritance), practices of kin relations etc. Authors of the collection are famous researchers from Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and USA.
The book is addressed to those who teach history, students, graduate students, as well as to all who is interested in new directions of historical scholarship.
  E.A. Rostovtsev. A.S. Lappo-Danilevskiy and Petersburg Historical School. Ryazan’, 2004. 352 p. The monograph is prepared by the graduate of the Department of History (European University at St.Petersburg) on the basis of his dissertation research. In the nearest future the book will be available in EUSP library.
  S.V. Kulikov. Bureaucratic Elite in the Russian Empire on the Eve of the Collapse of the Old Regime (1914-1917). Ryazan’, 2004. 472 p. The monograph is prepared by the graduate of the Department of History (European University at St.Petersburg) on the basis of his dissertation research. In the nearest future the book will be available in EUSP library.
  Center "Petersburg Judaica" presents a new book: "Jewish Museum" (collection of articles); Comp. V.A. Dymshits, V.E. Kelner. SPb.: Sumposium, 2004. 268 p.
Articles of this collection focus on the studies of Jewish art and material culture, history of Jewish museums and artistic unions, Jewish collections and funds, Jewish ethnography and folklore, as well as the most exhibitions organized by the Center "Petersburg Judaica".
About the purchase of the book contact:
  EUSP Department of Ethnology presents a collection of works "Studia Ethnologica" (Works of the Department of Ethnology. SPb: European University at St.Petersburg publishers, 2004. Issue 2. 325 p.).
Articles of this collection focus on various mechanism of culture, both traditional and contemporary. Although these works belong to different disciplines (cultural anthropology, sociolinguistics, folklore studies), the authors share semiotic approach to research, as well as focus on communicative processes and functioning of the text in the system of culture
About the purchase of this collection contact:
  Museum for Anthropology and Ethnography (Kustkamera) (Russian Academy of Science) and Department of Ethnology (European University at St.Petersburg) present the first issue of the journal "Anthropological Forum" (Anthropological Forum 2004. ¹1. 382 p.).
The journal is conceived as a forum for exchange of ideas among representatives of various scholarly disciplines, doing research on traditional phenomena in cultures of different peoples. The theme of the first issue: contemporary tendencies in anthropological research. Rubrics of the journal include: "Research", "Museum", "Archive", "Reviews" etc. About the purchase of the journal contact:
  EUSP Department of Political Science and Sociology present a new book: A.N. Dmitriev. Marxism without Proletariat: George Lucacs and Early Frankfurt School (1920-1930). SPb.; Moscow: European University at St.Petersburg publishers; Letniy Sad, 2004. 528 p. (Works of the Department of Political Science and Sociology; Issue 10).
The book is dedicated to the history of formation of Western Marxism (or neo-Marxism). The book presents detailed treatment of G. Lucacs ideas, as well as political, ideological and academic aspect of Frankfurt Institute for Social research (founded in 1923) in the context of intellectual history of Weimar Germany. On the basis of a large number of life-time publications, as well as materials and archival documents published in the recent time, the author discusses biographical details of G.Lucacs, M. Horkheimer, W.Benjamin, Th. Adorno and other founders of Western Marxism.
About the purchase of the book contact:
  Department of Political Studies and Sociology of the European University at St.Petersburg presents a new book: "Turns of History: Post-socialist Transformations through the Eyes of German Scholars" (in two volumes) / Comp. by P. Shtykov, S. Schwanitz. Ed.: V. Gelman. Transl. from German: E. Belokurova, M. Nozhenko, N. Yargomskaya, P. Shtykov. St.Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin: European University at St.Petersburg, Letniy Sad publishers, Berliner Debatte Wissenschatfsverlag, 2004. Vol 1. 510 p.; Vol. 2. 493 p.
The book contains research articles of German scholars of political science, sociology, economics and history, and focuses on the analysis of transformation processes in Eastern Germany, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.
The book is addressed to scholars, teachers, students and graduate students majoring in social sciences, as well as to all who are interested in the issues of post-socialist societies. Translation and publication of the book were supported by Volkswagen foundation within the frames of the project "German-Russian Bridge".
The book may be purchased in the bookstores of Moscow and St.Petersburg, as well as in the publishing house "Letniy Sad".
  Archives Training Center, together with the public law-enforcement organization
"Civil control" and with financial assistance of the Open Society Institute (Soros foundation) prepared for publication a collection of documents "Current legislation on archive administration". St.Petersburg, 2002. 541 p.
The collection is distributed free to all archival institutions interested; cash on delivery expenses should be covered by the addressees.
The collection of documents may be ordered at: 191187, St.Petersburg, Gagarinskaya St., Archives Training Center, or by E-mail: or . The order should contain postal index, detailed postal address and the number of copies ordered.
  Center for oral history of the European University at St.Petersburg, together with the publishing house "Nestor-Istorija" present the first publication of materials within the project "Siege of Leningrad in individual and collective memory of city inhabitants": Siege through the eyes of eyewitnesses. Interviews with Leningrad inhabitants of 1940ies. Comp., introduction and commentaries by T. Yu. Voronina, I. E. Gusintseva, V.V.Kalendarova // Nestor. No. 6 (2001; No. 2). Quarterly journal for history and culture of Russia and Eastern Europe. Individual and war. Sources, research, reviews. St.Petersburg, 2003. P. 37-267.
The almanac publishes 16 interviews with eyewitness of 1941-1944 events. All questions concerning purchase of the almanac should be addressed to the publishing house "Nestor- Istorija" of the Institute of History (Russian Academy of Science), tel. (812) 235-68-15 or by E-mail:

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