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Educational Program of the Interdepartmental Center "Petersburg Judaica"

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The aim of the Educational Program "Petersburg Judaica" is to support students interested in the sphere of Jewish culture, literature and art.

This support stipulates the possibility of enrollment to the MA program of one of the following EUSP departments:

  • history
  • history of art
  • ethnology
  • sociology

Students of the program work according to the individual plan that includes additional lectures, seminars and consultation with professors from the Interdepartmental center. In case of necessity, the duration of the master's program may be extended for one additional year.

Individual plan is worked out on the basis of the student's needs in raising qualification and professional re-training in the sphere of Judaica.

Scholarly supervision is executed by the professor of the Interdepartmental center "Petersburg Judaica", as well as scholars from other organizations specializing in Judaic studies.

Stipend is paid to the students supported by the program; the size of the stipend is calculated on individual basis. Student support is provided on a competitive basis.

To participate in the competition, prospective students should submit documents to one of the EUSP departments mentioned above in accordance with the rules of admission of this department. Moreover he/she should submit to the Admission committee an additional declaration of scholarly intentions or needs in professional re-training and raising of qualification in the sphere of Judaic studies.

On the basis of documents submitted to the Admission committee, the expert commission of the Interdepartmental center "Petersburg Judaica" decides upon the student's admission to the interview. Based on the results of the interview, the expert commission takes the decision upon the possibility to grant support within the frames of the "Petersburg Judaica" center, and, in case of positive decision, grades the student. This grade is taken into consideration by the examination commission of the department to which the student wishes to get enrolled. Upon this, one should successfully pass examinations of the department chosen.

Refusal of support on the part of "Petersburg Judaica" center is not regarded as an obstacle to continue further participation in the examination process of the corresponding department on general conditions.

Final decision on the financial support within the program of "Petersburg Judaica" center is taken by the expert commission of the center on the basis of all entrance examination.

Further questions should be forwarded to: Alexander Lvov (tel./fax: +7 812 275 51 37, e-mail:

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