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Student life at EUSP

Through the many special programs and events it sponsors, the distinguished visiting scholars and guest speakers it hosts, its special facilities and location in the northern capital of Russia, EUSP offers a multifaceted environment which can enrich a studentís graduate experience far beyond what the classroom alone can provide. EUSP strongly encourages interaction between its students and faculty. The student lounge of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, which hosts IMARS, is open all day and most evenings during the week for its community to enjoy. Traditional forms of rich Russian social life mix with Western academic habits: the famous Friday Interdisciplinary Seminar, diverse discussion groups, Happy Hours, holiday parties, and other social gatherings provide a congenial atmosphere for informal and lively contact.

Foreign students profit greatly from daily interaction with their Russian counterparts. The student body of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology is known for its scholarly excellence and wit. Given the fact that EUSP grants the highest stipends in Northwestern Russia for students who qualify, the Faculty has consistently attracted the very top of those wishing to pursue scholarly careers. Those Russian students who choose to take IMARS classes rather than to complete a standard MA in Russian, are distinguished even more by their intention to fulfil the requirements in a foreign language.

There are a great number of Arts and History museums in St Petersburg. A must for anyone who comes here for more than one day is to see the Hermitage (The Winter Palace seen from the Palace Square) and the Russian Museum (located off of the Nevsky, in the Arts Square, right behind the monument to Pushkin. The two major opera and ballet theaters in the city are the world-famous Kirov (Mariinskii) Theater and the Malyi Theater.

For more information on museums and theaters, and also for information on clubs and movie listings please consult the Friday issue of St. Petersburg Times, which comes out twice a week, and the monthly PULSE. Both are English-language publications available in all central hotels, restaurants, bars, and fastfood chains. St. Petersburg Times is also available on the Internet:


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