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Library and archival resources

The EUSP Library:

Students and scholars who come to IMARS have at their disposal one of the finest collections of recent English language books and journals in Russia, arguably the best in St. Petersburg. EUSP holdings, all referenced in a computerized catalogue, are concentrated in the fields of history, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology and philosophy. The University conducts an active exchange program with libraries in the United States and acquires new material on a regular basis. EUSP also has an expanding Russian language collection, where acquisitions are made in accordance with syllabi requirements.

St. Petersburg Libraries:

In addition to the EUSP library, students at IMARS can draw on the unique resources of Russia’s northern capital. The famous Russian National Library, the central repository of the Russian Empire, has the most impressive collection of pre-1917 Russian-language publications. The objective of its Soviet era collection was to have every book published in Russian, and the library had been fulfilling this task well until very recently. The RNL also houses an extensive collection of contemporary sources in foreign languages. Another good opportunity to consult modern scholarly works is offered by the Library of the Academy of Sciences.

St. Petersburg Archives:

Those wishing to do research dealing with original sources will find EUSP more than welcoming. The dean of the EUSP History Department is a former head of the Imperial Archive of St. Petersburg; other professors of history at EUSP are members of the governing boards of archives offering post-revolutionary sources. The EUSP faculty offer guides for archival sources upon request.


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