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Degree requirements

In addition to registering for two residence units (one for each semester) an IMARS student must take at least six courses during the year according to the 3-2-1 configuration:

  • at least three courses in the studentís major area of interest
  • at least two courses in the minor area, and
  • at least one more course in a third discipline;

or a similar 2-2-2 configuration.

(Please note that language courses do not count towards course requirements.)

Sample Program:

  • Three courses in Politics and Economy (e.g., Contemporary Russian Politics, Russian Foreign Policy, Political Theory and Russian Studies);
  • Two Society and Culture courses (e.g., Films, Texts, and Theory, and Gender Issues in Contemporary Russia);
  • One additional course (e.g., a History course).

Students receive the Master of Arts degree upon completing course requirements and depositing a Masterís Essay. (A grade of B+ or higher is required at least in 3 courses. No grade may be lower than B). In addition, students who need to improve their Russian language skills may take a whole year of intensive language classes, but grades received in these classes do not count towards the Grade Point Average.

Masterís Essay:

All students must submit a Masterís Essay for the evaluation by two faculty members, one being the academic advisor. Each essay, generally resulting from research undertaken for a seminar or a colloquium, must be sponsored by an EUSP faculty member and be an original piece of research, interpretation, or analysis based, at least in part, on primary source materials. Essays generally must be 50-75 pages in length, fully footnoted, and include bibliographies. Essays must be within the studentís major area of interest and deal with a topic directly related to the studentís chosen program of study during the year. Essays must be submitted during the academic residence period by the designated deadline. Students who submit essays after the original period of their academic residence will be subject to extended residence charges.

Transfer of Credits:

One course in a field other than language, from those taught at other departments of the EUSP, may be accepted for IMARS. This course may substitute for one from the minor requirements. All courses on the EUSP Course List, which is published at the beginning of each academic year, except those courses that are listed under the department of economics, automatically qualify for credit transfer. In order to acquire transfer credits, students must provide the Dean with a formal request, along with a copy of the syllabus and the description of coursework requirements for the chosen class.

NB: The language of instruction in EUSP (outside IMARS) is Russian, and course requirements have to be fulfilled in Russian. In such credit-transfer courses, in addition to meeting regular course requirements, students will have to produce an acceptable English-language research paper of direct relevance to the Russian empire, the USSR, or the post-Communist states, under the supervision of their advisor from IMARS .

Time Constraints:

It is expected that students in the IMARS program must complete all the degree requirements during one academic year. However, certain exceptions can be made for those who wish to improve their command of Russian and thus would opt to complete all the requirements over the period of two years. Such students will have to register for two full residence units in the first year and for extended residence in the following year.


Those graduate students who do not wish to enroll in the M.A. degree program at EUSP, may choose to apply for the Certificate Program in Russian Studies for one or two semesters. Advanced undergraduates may be considered for enrollment in the Certificate Program as well; very strong recommendations from faculty members at the studentís home institution in the field of Russian studies are essential for admission. Those enrolled in the Certificate Program will be expected to register for full residence units and to take at least three classes per semester.

When applying to the Certificate Program, please follow all the instructions in the "How to Apply" section of this brochure, but state at the beginning of your statement of purpose that you are applying only for a Certificate, and mention the semester (Fall or Spring) in which you would like to enroll.


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