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Four types of programs are offered by the EUSP for the academic year 2004/2005:

Basic postgraduate program

The University offers teaching programs in the fields:

  • Art History
    • Visual Arts, Applied Arts, and Architecture
    • The Art of the Theatre
    • Musical Art
    • Theory and History of Art
    • Theory and History of Culture
  • History
    • Russian history
    • Historiography, source criticism, methodology of historical studies
  • Political Science and Sociology
    • Political science
    • Sociology
  • Economics
    • Economics
    • Finance
    • Statistics and Econometrics
  • Ethnology
    • Cultural anthropology
    • Folklore studies
    • Sociolinguistics

Specialized subjects on the syllabus for advanced learning in various fields

  • Educational Program of the Interdepartmental Center "Petersburg Judaica".
    The aim of the Educational Program "Petersburg Judaica" is to support students interested in the sphere of Jewish culture, literature and art.
    This support stipulates the possibility of enrollment to the MA program of one of the following EUSP departments: history, history of art, ethnology.

International MA program in Russian studies (taught in English)

IMARS is a graduate program for students who already hold a BA degree or its equivalent and wish to continue their study of Russia or other states of the former Soviet Union. Students of the program are expected to achieve a solid interdisciplinary understanding of the region and to become first-class specialists in their field.

Open Graduate Courses

Interdisciplinary courses for postgraduates, younger scholars and senior students from higher education institutions of St. Petersburg.


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