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Department of Ethnology, European University at St. Petersburg

Center for Field Ethnological Research

The Center was established in May 1998 by the Department Council with the purpose to fulfill the following tasks:

  • conduct field research in social anthropology, ethnography, folklore, sociolinguistics
  • prepare and implement teaching courses and seminars in history, theory and methodology of fieldwork as well as courses based on fieldwork results
  • create an academic network, dissemination of results and methods of field research

The overall mission of the Center is integration of younger scholars into the academic community. The Center believes in interdisciplinary approaches, in openness of research and results, in cooperation with a wide range of fieldworkers and institutions in St. Petersburg, in Russia and abroad.

New! Workshop on Field Methods in Social Sciences was held at the Department.

The Center has been organizing the following types of research:

  1. Field Seminar, supported in 1998 by an Open Society Institute grant. The seminar works on a regular basis, and discusses papers on field methods, interview strategies, fieldwork programs and results. Both the EUSP students and scholars from other institutions take part in this seminar. The seminar is open for everybody, and is ready to new suggestions as regards possible topics for discussion.
  2. Permanent Ethnographic and Folklore Expedition "Russian North". The expedition works as part of the Department research program and is supported by MacArthurs Foundation. The expedition works in Novgorod, Belozersk, and Vologda regions and includes both the EUSP students and faculty and students from other Universities of St. Petersburg. The expedition is open, and new suggestions are also welcomed.
  3. Other expeditions and fieldwork trips, such as the Nenets expedition, 1998; the Chukotka expedition, 1998-1999. This field work involved faculty and students of the EUSP, as well as other researchers who are interested in the subject.
  4. An important part of the Center's activity is the Archives: processing and systematization of field data and sharing it through Internet in order to make the data available for researchers who might be interested in this topic. The Center invites other individuals and institutions to cooperate. We hope to eventually create a network of researchers worldwide who are interested in, and do research in similar topics.

Center head: Dr. Nikolai Vakhtin

Center collaborators: Evgenii Golovko, Dmitri Dubrovski, Jeanna Kormina, Elena Liarskaya, Elena Migunova, Anna Kushkova, Marina Hakkarainen, Sergei Shtyrkov, Valeria Kolosova.


Department of Ethnology
3 Gagarinskaya st.
St Petersburg, 191187

Phon: +7 (812) 275 5256


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 Tel.: (812) 275-5137, Fax: (812) 275-5139

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