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Center for Environmental and Technological History

"Центр экологической и технологической истории (русская версия)"

The Center for Environmental and Technological History (CETH) of the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP) is a part of its Department of History. CETH is a research center that also aims at broadening its functions to help young college and university teachers of history in North-Western Russia who wish to develop new curricula in environmental history and the history of technology. Dr. Julia Lajus is its current director.

The Center currently supports studies in several directions:

  • History and sociology of environmental knowledge and attitudes
  • Social and cultural history of recreation
  • Environmental and technological history of waterworks (irrigation, canal building etc.)
  • Urban environmental history (urban waste, water treatment etc.)
  • Technology in Russian modernization
  • Marine environmental history
  • Environmental history of Russian North
  • The use of GIS in environmental history studies
  • Oral history of Soviet science and technology projects

The major collective research project in the Center is on marine environmental history of Russian North - a part of international multi-centered program "History of Marine Animal Populations" (HMAP) funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation as a part of even larger program "Census of Marine Life". HMAP-Russia team includes 9 researchers, both historians and biologists, from Arkhangelsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Prof. Daniel Alexandrov also heads this team, and Julia Lajus its project manager. The main focus of the project is on compiling and analyzing data on long-term dynamic of marine animal populations and their human "predators".

The Center for Environmental and Technological History is carrying out research and organizing workshops and summer schools in environmental and technological history. In July 2003 CETH hosted International Summer School on New Trends in Historical Research "Cultural Studies vis-a-vis Environmental History, History of Technology, and Economic History" sponsored by Volkswagen Foundation and organized together with the Max-Planck Institute for History (Goettingen) and the Max-Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin).


Center for Environmental and Technological History
Department of History, European University at St. Petersburg
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