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Center for European Studies (CES)

Center for European Studies (created in 2003) at the EUSP focuses on research in the area of political and social integration in Europe and Russia. In accordance with its major strategy aiming at examination of European politics and governance, as well as governance and identity transformation in the North-West of Russia, the Center implements research and educational projects in the European studies field. Activities in three major areas (research projects, educational and expert activity) helps establish closer relations of EUSP with universities and research organizations in the Russian North-West, transforming the European University into an educational and scholarly resource center for the region. More details >>

Major areas of the Centers activity

1. Analysis of integration and identity transformation in Europe and the Russian North-West. On the basis of its previous studies on regional identities in the Russian North-West, the Center works out new research projects primarily connected with the study of identity, European influence, cross-border cooperation between Russia and the European Union, methods and forms of policy-making and implementation on the regional and local level.

2. Education at the European University and other universities of the Russian North-West. This activity includes development of courses on European integration and identity, involvement of EUSP students and researchers into the studies focused on European issues. In the long run, government officials, NGO activists, and think-tanks experts of the Russian North-Western regions may also become a target group of the Centers educational programs.

3. Formation of effective net of research and expert organizations in the form of participation in international conferences and seminars, initiation of joint research projects, as well as organization of seminars and conferences in the University itself.

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