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Center for Biography Research

The Center for Biography Research is a professional community of specialists engaged in biography studies, primarily that of reference (biographical dictionaries, reference books and indices). The major aim of the Center activity is organization of communicative scholarly events such as conferences, seminars, publications etc.

The Center was established in December 2001.

On June 04-05, 2002 the first seminar organized by the Center took place in the European University. The seminar, financially supported by the "Open Society" Institute (Soros Foundation) was entitled "Issues of Sources and Methodology of Biography Research". Over 50 participants were present. Materials of the seminar were published in the fall of 2002.

Starting with February 2002 the Center for Biography Research participated in the preparation of encyclopedia "St.Petersburg-300" (project leader - A.D.Margolis; financial support provided by the "Open Society" Institute). Members of the Center wrote over 400 articles for the encyclopedia, G.V.Kalashnikov was a member of editorial board and supervisor of the divisions "Siege" and "War capital", A.I.Razdorskiy organized and led professional bibliographical editing of the whole project. Deputy dean of the Department of History (St.Petersburg State University) A.Yu.Chistiakov and Yu.A.Kuz'min (research fellow of the Russian National Library), constant colleagues of the Center, became members of the encyclopedia editorial board and curators of its several divisions ("Population" and "Petersburg before Petersburg" - A.Yu.Chistiakov and "Capital of the Empire" - Yu.A.Kuz'min).

In 2003 the Center for Biography Research concentrated on the process of organization of the International scholarly-practical seminar "Problems of Creation of Regional Encyclopedias" (the seminar was conducted in the Russian National Library on October 14-16, 2003, with financial support from the Russian Scholarly Foundation for Humanities and D.S.Likhachev International Charity foundation). A.I.Razdorskiy and D.Shilov were members of the seminar's organization committee. Over 60 participants attended the seminar, including 32 people from outside of St.Petersburg (Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine). 9 major reports on topic of the seminar were delivered; overall time of discussions reached 10 hours. Materials of the seminar will be published in spring of 2004.

At the present moment the Center for Biography Research is working over the collection with the preliminary title "Biographic, genealogic and prosopographic research" which is intended for professional large-volume publication. The collection will include materials related to biographical genre. At the moment the project has not yet obtained financial support and is at initial stage of its development.

We will appreciate any cooperation within the frames of the project (materials and articles for publication, business suggestions etc.).

We are looking forward to finding new contacts.

Research fellows of the Center for Biographic Research

  • Denis N. Shilov (EUSP graduate of 1999, author of the biobibliographic reference book "Statesmen of the Russian Empire", senior research fellow of the Russian National Library).
  • Alexei I.Razdorskiy (leader of the group for historical bibliography and local history studies, Russian Academy of Science)
  • Gleb V.Kalashnikov (EUSP graduate of 1999, leading specialist in Heraldry Council, office of the President of the Russian Federation), PhD (History)

To contact us: e-mail:;
Tel.: (921)320-61-57 (G.Kalashnikov)  


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