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SUMMER SCHOOL DATES July 14 - July 27, 2002
CAPACITY 20 participants
COSTS US$ 940 Enrollment fees include tuition, lunches (except on Sundays), access to museums, and airport transfers. The fees do not include airfares, hotel accommodations, Russian visa, and travel insurance.
COURSE COORDINATORS Dr. Roman G. Grigoryev State Hermitage Museum
Mr. Alexej Leporc, European University at St. Petersburg
COURSE DESCRIPTION This two-week school is based on the vast collections of the State Hermitage and Russian State Museums. It will cover the art patronage of the Romanovs from the early XVIII to the early XX centuries with an emphasis on collection of Italian art. The curriculum will include "Days In", with lectures on the history of the Romanovs as collectors and a close examination of the personal artistic tastes of different Emperors in the Romanov House. Also the program will include workshops that will incorporate particular collections of the State Hermitage and State Russian Museums. "Days Out" will include visits to the Imperial residences in St. Petersburg and its surroundings. The course offers unprecedented access to art treasures that are not available to the general public as well as provides opportunities to discuss the given collections directly with museum curators.

Telephone: 7-(812) 275 51 42
Fax: 7-(812) 275 51 39
E-mail address:

Information on the course curriculum and application forms are available at the following sites:
State Hermitage Museum:  (English version)
European University at St. Petersburg:
International Romanov Society:

APPLICANTS PROFILE The School is intended for graduate students, art historians, museum curators, teachers, and for those who are independently interested in the history of Russian art and culture as well as the reception of Western Art in Russia.
APPLICATION DEADLINE  April 15, 2002 is the deadline date for applications. Candidates should submit their application forms either by mail, fax or email. Written confirmation on acceptance will be sent to applicants no later than April 30. Upon confirmation, a deposit will be required. Information regarding deposit procedures will be sent along with confirmations.

Upon confirmation, participants will be required to make a deposit in the amount of US $250. Master/ Visa Card and American Express card are accepted. Information on how to process the deposit will be sent along with confirmation on acceptance. The deposit is due by May 15, 2002. In the case a deposit is not received by this date, the applicant's confirmation will be cancelled.
The amount of the deposit will be deducted from the final payment.

CANCELLATION POLICY ON RETURN OF DEPOSIT Only written cancellations are considered valid. If cancellation is received by May 30, the full amount will be returned minus the credit card processing fees. If cancellation occurs after May 30 but before June 15, the amount to be returned US $150. All cancellations received after June 15, will not be refunded.
OFFICIAL TRAVEL AGENCY In order to assist participants with hotel accommodations, airport transfers, and visa support (invitation), our official agency for this summer school is ASTER Inc. ASTER Inc. will provide hotel information, collect information on participantsí arrival and departure, and will be responsible for answering participantsí questions regarding their trip to St. Petersburg. We strongly recommend that applicants contact ASTER Inc. to learn more about St. Petersburg and costs for hotel accommodations.

Telephone: 7-(812) 327 10 11
Fax: 7-(812) 542 13 71

Service Coordinator: Debra Johnson

PAYMENT FOR FEES: Monday, July 15, 2001 the remaining fees are due. Payment for these fees will be accepted with Master/Visa card or rubles (Russian currency). Traveler Cheques are not accepted.

In accordance with Russian law, visitors to the Russian Federation are required to obtain a Russian visa before their arrival. There are few nationalities that are exempted from this rule. Those who are exempted tend to be citizens of the former Soviet Union Republic. North and South America, Great Britain, Western Europe, Austraila and Asian countries are required to obtain a visa.
ASTER Inc. will be providing applicants with invitations; this document is needed to process a Russian visa. For information, please directly contact ASTER Inc.

TRAVEL AND MEDICAL INSURANCE The course fees do not include insurance. Participants are responsible for their own insurance.
MEALS As indicated in the program, Monday-Saturday, lunches are included in program cost.
AIRPORT TRANSFERS Ground transportation from the airport-hotel-airport is also included in program cost. Flight information when known needs to be sent to ASTER Inc.
PASSPORTS The expiration date in your passport needs to be valid up to six months from July 14, 2002. For example if the passport expiration date is in August 2002, then the Russian authorities can refuse to issue a Russian visa.

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